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Artist, designer and composer.


Mark Coates is a designer, artist and composer. Born in England, he has also lived in Japan and now lives permanently in Australia. His early work was in demand through local galleries and private commissions. He was heavily influenced by the landscape and mythology of the Peak District, where he spent his early life.


Mark is a graduate in Typography & Graphic Communication, from the University of Reading. He finds the connection between design and art intriguing, and likes to explore the interplay of sound, art, video and music. The Australian landscape also has a strong impact on his work. He combines shape, texture, movement and colour, and explores abstract forms and techniques, to capture the atmosphere of natural spaces and environments.


His paintings are often inspired by sounds he hears and the music he composes. He is also working on more conceptual projects which combine structure, imagery, video, sound and music.



Typography & Graphic Communication

University of Reading, UK


Exhibitions and shows


Peacock, Rowsley, UK

Stables Gallery, Chatsworth, UK

Balmain Art Show, AUS, 2014

First Exposure, AUS, 2015

Oatley West Art Show, AUS, 2015

Hunters Hill Art Exhibition, AUS, 2015

​5+1 Group Exhibition, AUS, 2015

LikeART Gallery, Leichhardt, AUS (ongoing)

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